RK Series Rake


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RK Rake - Two & Four rotor rakes

Quality Features

SteerGuard for a positive and direct steering movement
  • Massey Ferguson offers a patented steering system for the rake which operates within the frame. This steering system provides reliable precise steering in all conditions. The steering shaft is protected against damage by the frame and unlike externally located steering rods, has only two pivot points. As a result accurate steering and safety is guaranteed, even after years of use. The key benefit of this steering system design lies in the positive and direct transmission of the steering movement. The rake always runs exactly in the track of the tractor and is at the same time, still extremely agile. Further more this type of steering guarantees smooth running even at high speeds, as a result, safe and quick travel from field to field is possible at a speed of up to 40km/h.
Perfect ground adaptation in every situation
  • The patented, fully cardanic rotor suspension from Massey Ferguson ensures perfect ground adaptation even under the most difficult of working conditions. The rotor can adapt itself perfectly to the ground and independently of the frame, whether inclined longitudinally or transversely. As a result, forage lying in recesses and depressions can be recovered without loss. Damage to the sward by the tines is safely avoided even in hilly terrain. With Massey Ferguson, tidy raking work is always achieved without forage loss, resulting in top quality forage.
Jet effect
  • Due to the fully cardanic rotor suspension and weight distribution of the rotor, the rotor lifts first at the front and then at the back. When lowered, the rear wheels of the rotor first make contact with the ground followed by the front wheels. In this way, the tines are prevented from penetrating into the ground. No penetration, no damage to the sward, no forage contamination - top quality forage.

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