Hustler Katipo Sprayer


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Katipo - Revolutionary New Thinking

Six Key Benefits

  1.  Compact and built to last -  careful attention to detail, smart chassis/tank/pump integration has allowed Hustler to produce the toughest and most compact sprayer available today has no longer needs to be parked on a pallet and has a built in skidplate protecting the vital parts from common obstacles when spraying.
  2. Easy to use - no need to be a monkey! Katipo utilises space wisely with an ultra-low profile design, filling from the ground is quick, safe and easy and with the spill catcher no longer do you have chemical down your front. A unique coupleup system makes connecting to filling stations or filling out of a creek with the katipo pump a snap and everything you need is handy at the left hand side.
  3. Ultimate agitation - Utilizing the latest computer generated flow simulation we've created the perfect flow of liquid within the tank and combined with our new mixmax technology you can be assured that your solution is mixed, and stays mixed.
  4. Functional - Katipo is loaded with practical features that help you get the job done quicker such as quicker tank emptying, a deep sump that lets you spray on steep terrain, a vizguide that is visible from the tractor seat and the ground, optional quickflush kit that lets you clean the sprayer in less than a minute, a toolbox that is quickly accessible with plenty of room for spare nozzles, filter and the controller when you park in the shed
  5. Modular design - katipo is modular and can have optional time savers fitted as and when you like or your budget fits. The slickfit spray valving system, lets you choose how you'd prefer to control your new katipo.
  6. Boom - When it comes to booms, you're spoiled for choice, three radical new booms, along with New Zealands toughest, the DuraBoom gives you the Hustler edge.

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