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The new ‘View’ vine trimmer is a perfect example of ERO's customer driven approach. It has been developed in response to requests from the market for increased visibility and a lower centre of gravity plus the need to operate on terraced or undulating terrain. The View system is mounted in a low position in front of the tractor and utilises twin masts to carry vine trimming elements left and right, keeping vision directly in front of the tractor clear and free of obstruction. As with all ERO canopy machines, multiple hydraulic functions are available to allow the machine to be customised to every practical canopy structure. With optional adjustment of left and right cutter board elements independently, including height, width and angle, the View can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit terraced, rolling or undulating terrain. 

 Your benefits

  • German design and quality manufacturing
  • Incorporates the immensely popular ‘ProCut’ cutter board released in Australasia in 2017
  • 100% hardened stainless steel blade, specially shaped to ensure even and effective trimming of even the smallest shoots
  • Simple and intuitive operation of all hydraulic functions with the latest ERO ‘Comfort Control’ joystick


The new ERO Procut Vine Trimmer's uniquely shaped cutter blades are manufactured from high grade stainless steel for clean cutting at high speeds, with the cutterboard being fully sealed against dirt and debris. Easily set up and adjusted to suit your specific needs, the 'Comfort' joystick allows smooth, light-touch action and has a split control box to aid positioning in the cab. The ERO ProCut offers configurations for all vineyards, whether small scale or large. Available as Single In Row, Double In Row, Single Over Row, Double Over Row and TG Skirting.

Your benefits

  • Clean cutting result 
  • At rapid forward speed
  • Designed for long life & reliability


The ERO 'Profi' Vine Trimmer: Clean & fast vine trimming The 'Profi' is the flagship of the ERO Vine Trimmer range, offering excellent efficiency and perfectly suited to large vineyards. The twin hydraulic masts enable the operator to adjust the height, width and angle of each trimming side independently; making the machine adaptable to a range of vineyard environments.

Your benefits

  • Clean and fast cutting result
  • Adjusts height, width and cutting angle independently
  • Full control at your fingertips with joystick controller
  • Designed for long life & reliability

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