Fendt 200 Series


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FENDT 200 Vario V/F/P

Top for Wine, Fruit and Hops Three times as good, The 200 Vario is available in three versions. For wine-growing, Fendt offers the traditional narrow vineyard tractor model V as well as the medium wide model F for wider spacing's. The wide P tractor is used for Hops and fruit-growing. An important advantage is the extensive, tailor-made line of optional equipment available for the 200 vario, which permits customizing to meet all individual requirements.

200 Vario V – The classic vineyard tractor from 70HP

Some of the features include, but not limited to
  • Up to 24 inch tyres
  • For narrow spacings with widths from 1.50m to 2.20m
  • Narrow dimensions from an outer width of 1.07m
  • Alternative: V with wide front axle for optimum manoeuvrability
  • Area of application: other arrangements with widths from 1.80m to 2.50m

200 Vario P – The wide specialty tractor from 90 HP

  • Wide track and large cab
  • Fruit and wine growing operations in wide spacings as well as hops-growing
  • Row width from 2.20m to 5m
  • Outer width starting at 1.68m

200 Vario F – The medium wide specialty tractor starting from 70 HP

  • With comfortable, wide cab and tyres up to 28 inches
  • For wide spacings with a row clearance of 1.90m to 3.00m
  • For wine-growing with wide overhangs, fruit production where trees have grown together, vegetable production and operations in hothouses
  • Outer width starting at 1.32m, depending on tyres

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